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The Teacher’s Desk is Australia’s premiere online marketplace for educators to buy and sell their original teaching resources.

The Teacher’s Desk is all about teachers – helping them enhance their teaching and creating a community that supports them.

Designed by teachers, The Teacher’s Desk understands how important high quality, engaging classroom resources are.  We acknowledge the effort and time that goes into creating such resources and believe you, the teacher should benefit from that effort. We also believe that other teachers will find your creations valuable.  Teachers are innovative, creative and giving.  At The Teacher’s Desk everyone can benefit from this as we sell and buy resources and engage in the collaborative community.  The result is a win win for buyer and seller, resulting in higher standards of teaching and increased student engagement in the classroom

The site has been set up to meet the year level requirements and subject categories of The Australian Curriculum.  It is dedicated to meet the needs of Australian teachers. However, international buyers and sellers will find many valuable and applicable resources in our marketplace.

Our technical partner is Team Tweaks who helped us to develop this marketplace website.

Our technical partner Team Tweaks who helped us to develop this marketplace website. Team Tweaks also provide training for android app development, IOS app development and IOT development in India. It is one of the top mobile app development company in India with more than 150 staff members.


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